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Hello and Welcome to Fosswap.

My name is Jamie and I am an ametuer fossil collector from Invercargill, in the south of New Zealand. We get a few fossils down here, mostly brachiopods and bivalves but also quite a few ferns, petrified wood, corals, bryozoans and sponges. I collect most of my fossils from a limestone quarry situated on an ancient limestone reef about 50km inland from the present day coastline.

I have found trading an excellent way to obtain new specimans and meet people with your interest from the other side of the world, and I hope this page lets you share the excitement of sending recieving parcels of fossils with correspondents.

So have a look through the long list of COLLECTOR CONTACTS (possibly the longest of its kind on the web). Email those people with your interests and leave your own message so others can contact you.

If you have a bit of extra time you may also like to browse through the list of FOSSILS IN MY COLLECTION or have a look at some of the PHOTOGRAPHS AND DRAWINGSof fossils I have done. (The one above is a Russian Cave Bear Jaw I obtained from trading).

If you become further interested in fossils and trading there are a couple of other pages you should pay a visit to. For fine shark teeth fossils and jewellery as well as other fossils visit NEPTUNES TREASURES run by Jim & LeAnne Rathbone, well know Florida collectors. SWAPPERS AND COLLECTORS has everything For Collectors! Bookstore, Phonecardstore, Special Offers, Search Engines, Links, Lists, Newsgroups, Message Board, Chat... Free Ads!

If you are new to fossil collecting, I have included some information that may help you get started in your hobby. THE ART OF COLLECTING will give you some ideas of how to get fossils, how to store and look after them. THE GEOLOGICAL SCALE should also be helpful.

Finally, if you have any questions, queries or comments, contact me at :